Celebrity Thinks She’s Entitled To Trespass Onto Farmer’s Land, Gets Instant Dose Of Karma

When a group of liberal-minded environmentalists discovered that fracking was going to be conducted in the area, they invaded a farmer’s land and started protesting. Led by Oscar-winning actress Emma Thompson and a group of Greenpeace activists in the United Kingdom, the protestors set up tents complete with a catered meal as they prepared to shout about the issue.

But the farmer was not happy to have the anti-fracking protestors on his land. So, he came up with an ingenious way to teach them a lesson and get them off his property.

The farmer attached his manure sprayer to his tractor and dragged it behind. When he got to the protestors, he turned it on all the way and began spraying the Oscar-winning Hollywood elite and her posse with poop! And it was all caught on video…

After Emma Thompson and her friends at Greenpeace UK broke a court injunction and trespassed on a farmer’s land, the farmer sprayed them with manure in an act of spiteful revenge.

During the incident, Thompson and her sister Sophie were filming a parody of the “Great British Bake Off” when the farmer came around with the tractor and sprayed the crew with liquified dung.

In the video, you can see the protestors get slathered by the muck spreader. Unfortunately, the actress remained dry because she was protected by her tent.

After the spraying, the farmer called the police. They rushed to the scene to break up the protest and get the trespassers off the farmer’s land. During their investigation, they learned that Thompson and the others had climbed a fence to break into the property to set up a camera on land destined for natural gas exploration in Fydle, Lancashire.

Watch the viral video below to see the farmer spray the anti-fracking protestors with manure.

Fracking refers to a technique designed to recover gas and oil from shale rock. Short for hydraulic fracturing, fracking requires people to drill into the earth so a high-pressure water mixture can help release the gas inside.

The machine injects the earth with water, sand, and chemicals to push the gas out of the head of the well.

Sometimes the process is conducted vertically, but is more often done horizontally to create new pathways for the gas to escape.

Fracking has advantages. It allows people to access hard-to-reach oil and gas resources beneath the surface of the earth. It has helped the United States boost domestic oil production.

But it comes at a cost.

It raises environmental concerns. The potentially carcinogenic chemicals used in the process can contaminate ground water around the fracking site. Not only that, but fracking can cause earth tremors or small earthquakes.

“Shale gas is not the solution to the UK’s energy challenges,” said Friends of the Earth energy campaigner Tony Bosworth, according to BBC. “We need a 21st century energy revolution based on efficiency and renewables, not more fossil fuels that will add to climate change.”

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Source: AWM