Mom induces labor on purpose early so dying father has a chance to hold her

When Mark Augler found out that he was going to have his fifth child, he was overcome with joy. But he never could have guessed what would happen, as fate had something else in store for him. This story is proof that we simply never know what route life is going to take us on.

He would soon find himself laying on his death bed, as he was overcome by pulmonary fibrosis. This disease threatened to rob him of one of life’s greatest moments and his family was left with a major decision to make as a result of his condition. He was not long for this world and a choice needed to be made quickly.His story contained many twists and turns and sadly, Mark’s condition was actually caused by the same chemotherapy that had allowed him to defeat cancer. Mark’s happiness was immediately replaced with despair when he realized that he would probably not be able to watch his child’s birth before passing on to a better place.

Mark was given just a few days to live once he received the pulmonary fibrosis diagnosis and his wife made one of the most selfless decisions that an expectant mother can make as a result of his condition.
She brought their new little bundle of joy (who is named Savanah) into their lives a few days early, so that Mark would have a chance to meet her before passing. While Mark would pass away just a few days after her daughter’s birth, his family still remembers him fondly and knows that he would have made an excellent father to his baby girl.Be sure to check out this heartwarming video below if you would like to learn more about this touching tale of fatherly love. You may want to keep some Kleenex at the ready, though, because you are definitely going to need it!