Teen suffers from ‘untreatable’ extreme back pain. Then a doctor changes everything

After pulling out the roots of a tree, 17-year-old Muntathar Altaii felt a severe pain his back. In fact, it as so severe that it crippled him. He could no longer walk straight, and he was forced into a permanent hunch. To make matters worse, his leg went numb due to a spinal kyphosis.

Seeking medical treatment, Muntathar visited every doctor he could. For three months straight, he messaged and called any doctor he could get the contact information for. However, every doctor turned him away because they viewed his condition as untreatable.

After much research and unrelenting perseverance and determination, Muntathar finally found a chiropractic doctor in Australia who would treat him. The teenager then flew from America to Australia where he met with Dr. Ian. Through 10 treatment visits with Dr. Ian, Muntathar regained his ability to walk and soon recovered to full health. He was able to stand up straight and walk without a hunch. His life continued, and he went on to graduate high school.

If not for Dr. Ian, Muntathar confesses that he would not have had the will to live. Being able to be “normal” again meant the world to him, and he proudly graduated alongside his best friends. Muntathar plans on becoming a chiropractic doctor when he graduates college. He wants to help others with their back problems!

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