The Abandoned Swamps Of Louisiana Hides A Heart-Breaking Secret

Photographer Lawless was trying to look for signs of devastation after the disastrous Hurrican Katrina. But to his surprise, he found something really bizarre.

The pet cemetery is about hundred years old. But, is abandoned since thirty years.

This used to be the main house of the graveyard.

In 1980s, the owner of this cemetery was brutally murdered by a gravestone cutter.

The victim’s body was buried here. Since then, the site has sat abandoned.

This dog food strewn is the only sign suggesting that people still visit here.

The nature is slowly trying to reclaim the site.

Demolished by the Hurricane Katrina, the site still has something beautiful about it.

‘It was truly the creepiest experience I’ve ever had’ photographer Seph Lawless told DailyMail.

This is really touching.

In the memory of man’s best friend